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The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! Get the ones you love a gift they can really sink their teeth into this holiday season! Not sure what to get the neighbor, teacher, friend, or office mate in your life? We can help! Here are some of our favorite and most popular gifts during the holiday season!


From the top left, we have Fruit Cake Lizzie Cookies, these are basically fruit cake in a bite and even for those that say they “aren’t fruit cake people,” can turn someone into a fruit cake lover! Watch out these things are addictive!


Gingerbread cookies are a holiday must have! We have many shapes and colors of these delicious, chewy, spicy cookies!


Next up are our Coconut Macaroons, a box of these tasty morsels goes a long way! We have them plain or with green and red drizzle for the season! A little bit of almond, a lot o’ bit of coconut, these are delicious!


In the right top corner, we have a sliver of our Grandpa Baker’s Fruit Cake. These are for the serious fruit cake lovers and they would have us sell them year-round if we could! We’ve been making this Christmas treat for generations! Make it a family tradition today!


Of course, no plate of cookies is complete without our Decorated Sugar Cookies! A chewy vanilla sugar cookie topped with almond royal frosting; these things are a treat! Santa and his reindeer also enjoy these, and you can tell them Marie iced them, to help get her back on the nice list! Help a girl out!


A pan of freshly baked and iced Cinnamon Sticky Buns is the quickest way to make all your neighbors and coworkers life long friends! Are you the neighbor that mows their lawn at 6am on a Saturday or did you accidentally microwave leftover fish at the office? Make up for it with a pan of these, they are so delicious that people will forgive all of those things!


Need a little something for White Elephant, a box of our Peppermint Bark (above sign) or English Walnut Toffee (below sign) is the way to go! Candy is always the right choice when gifting for new and old friends a like!


One of our newest offerings this year is Cookie Cakes! These 6-tiered stacks of our cookies filled with your choice of buttercream are delectable layers of chewy cookies and sweet icing! You can choose your type of cookie and flavor of buttercream frosting, or do the classic Christmas combo of M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vanilla Buttercream, and Christmas Sprinkles!


Need lots of gifts for a group of people! Fruit Breads are a sure-fire way to make a crowd go wild! We have 4 flavors available and all are delicious!! You really can’t go wrong with any of them!


Woohoohoo! We have some new cookies this year and quite frankly, we are obsessed with them, truly, obsessed, like call the doc, we have a problem! Cranberry Orange Shortbread (pictured), Cherry Almond Shortbread, Lemon Drop Snowballs, and Mint Chocolate Chip Snowballs… wow, how to choose?! Never mind, we’ll take 1 of each! Great for a horde of your favorite holiday humans!


And lastly in the right bottom corner, our Christmas Cookie Trays! This year we are offering TWO different options!! Tray #1: Festive Mix of sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and wedding cookies – A CLASSIC MIX! Can’t go wrong with this one! Are you feeling sweeter and slightly more adventurous? Try Tray #2: Sweet Mix of sugar cookies, lemon drops, cranberry orange shortbread cookies, and cherry almond shortbread cookies. YUM. Matter of fact, we can’t choose a favorite, 1 of each it is! Keep everyone at the party happy with these!


Phewy! Lots and lots of options! We hope we have helped describe some of our favorite gifts for the season and helped you narrow down your choices! If you plan on needing more than 1 or 2 of any items, email us so we can put some aside for you and have enough on hand for everyone! We are planners so the earlier you can order the better!

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