Pre-ordering for tent sale: 
Saturday, June 19th 11am-2pm
If you need to order for a different day or pickup time, 
please email us before ordering
and we will check our availability and try to accommodate.

What is a tent sale?

Since the pandemic started we have maneuvered our business with the ever changing pandemic regulations and continuing our business in a manner we, our family, and our staff feel safe. This started with curbside delivery and has now transformed into a weekly tent sale.

We highly encourage our customers to preorder each week through this page, but you can also shop in person on Saturdays from 11-2pm. You can preorder from Sunday afternoon through Friday at noon, after that items like scones and pies are removed from the site, but items like cookies and cupcakes can be ordered until 9am Saturday. At 9am Saturday all preordering is over and it is first come first served in person.


We have a new menu every Sunday posted for the following week. The tent is right in front of our shop. 

Purchases may be made in person with card payments and Apple Pay only. 


Any questions? Email us. 


Pick Up Instructions: 

Pickup is located right in front of our shop at 213 Main St.

If purchasing additional items, we accept card payments and apple pay ONLY.       


1. Click on item.

2. Select flavor or amount.

3. Add to cart.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for as many items as you want.

5. Once done adding items, click pink cart at top right of page to be directed to cart page. 

6. Click on blue check out button for credit card payments or yellow checkout button for PayPal payment.

7. Proceed through checkout process until you receive a confirmation email. 

**Make sure your receive a confirmation email, if you have NOT received one, you have NOT finished checking out**

8. Read through pickup instructions in confirmation email to reduce pickup confusion. 


**Need a special order for another day or have ANY questions please email us. Please do not order for another day unless you have emailed us first.

With the global pandemic our staffing and availability is limited**